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Welcome to the Gamo USA Viper Express website. The Viper Express is a shotgun and air rifle combination gun that sets a new standard as the first production spring piston break-barrel shotgun ever produced and is one of the most versatile air gun, air rifle, and pellet gun made by Gamo. The Viper Express will create new opportunities for hunting with performance air guns, air rifles, or pellet guns. Built on the proven GAMO 1000 power plant for maximum velocity and performance, full raised ribs, choked, smooth bore barrel with front bead sight, all weather synthetic stock with dual cheek pads for right or left handed shooting, soft rubber double checkering inserts on grips and forearms and accepts GAMO .22 caliber shot shells or .22 caliber pellets. As a shotgun, it shoots miniature shotgun shells loaded with a No. 9 lead shot at 600 fps, it delivers a 12" pattern at 10 yards, penetrating over 1/8" of 200-lb. compressed paperboard. As an air rifle, air gun, pellet gun it fires a .22-caliber pellet at 725 fps with the included adapter.
Buy Viper Express Now
The ultimate in shooting fun and perfect for pest control, the Viper Express has all the power and penetration needed for small game hunting and bird shooting at medium to close range; making it a powerful pest control for your home, barn or garden. Gun enthusiasts of hunting small game, clay shooting, bird hunting, air guns, air rifles, pellet guns, bb guns, or shotguns will enjoy hours of fun shooting and hunting with the Viper Express compared to contemporary air guns or air rifles, the unique air shotgun rifle design will give new opportunities for hunting and shooting with performance air rifles. The Viper Express air shotgun rifle handles and sights like a real shotgun but is lighter and shorter and therefore more agile and is great with hand-thrown clays or backyard plinking. If you're looking for an exciting and different air gun or air rifle, the Viper Express .22 caliber pellet shooting power combined with and scatter shotgun shell pattern makes it superb for dispatching rats, mice, small varmints and bringing down sparrows, starling, or other game birds at short range.
Switch From Air Shtgun to Air Rifle with the Viper Express and Shadow Express
The Viper Express and the Shadow Express shoot .22 cal
shot shells producing a tight pattern of only 12" at 10 yards
The Viper Express and the Shadow
Express Shoot .22 caliber pellets
Bullbarrel with vent rib on the Viper and
 Shadow Express
Soft rubber checkering inserts on grips and forearm on the Viper Express
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